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Id 2 3png by saraah11 Heads1 by saraah11 Sisters by saraah11 
Waist-up ♡
Waist-up full colour drawing of your character ♡
Flaxen by saraah11 Volatile by saraah11 Doubtful by saraah11
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Been my Angel by saraah11 Konigskinder by saraah11 
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Complete reference sheet! Includes:
- Full body front view (colour)
- Full body back view (colour)
- Headshot quarter view (colour)
- Headshot side view (colour)

- Weapon & Other props +100 :points:
- Extra emotion +100 :points:
- Extra outfit +500 :points:
- Sidekick +300 :points:
Adrian and Mr Buzzles Reference Sheet by saraah11 Time and Troth by saraah11 
Other Stuff! ♡
New Friends: Meeting Nelmo by saraah11
Welcome my Child by saraah11
Welcome to Daisies Forest by saraah11
Is there a particular deviation you like? Would you like to get your character(s) drawn in that style too? Send me a note for more information!
The price will depend on the commission <3





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Sarah ☽○☾
Artist | Student | Digital Art

Student illustration with an unhealthy obsession for things. My mind lives in an overromanticized version of the late Victorian Era. Stuff I like are books, history, gothic literature, art, edwardian and victorian times, classical music, ballet, philosophy, atomic age, dolls and detective things. I've seen 18 winters.

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Freakshow by saraah11
It's been AGES since I last posted anything
Elsa Mars from American Horror Story Freakshow
Not a huge AHS fan but hell it's entertaining and I just love Jessica Lange's performance and the characters she plays <3
Neo London: NPC Newchapel (1) by saraah11
Neo London: NPC Newchapel (1)

▌T H E   G R A V E K E E P E R▐

N A M E | Miss Carrie
A G E | 17
G E N D E R | Female

D I S T R I C T | Newchapel
A F F I L I A T I O N | The Graveyard
P R O F E S S I O N | Gravekeeper

P E R S O N A L I T Y | Always cheerful, Miss Carrie can be seen hopping around the graves all night. She guards the souls of the dead by making sure their graves are kept clean and cosy. From time to time a ghost gets vengeful however and she has to enlist a certain gloomy vicar who accompanies her on her nightly exorcising errands. Some say she is an attention seeker, hanging out with the dead like that. Especially Billy the Rat isn't fond of her, claiming that when you see Carrie digging a new grave, within 24 hours someone you know will die.

T R I V I A |
☆ If she catches you grave robbing or body snatching she'll make sure you can keep the loot. For eternity.
☆ Keeps genetically modified rats as her pets
☆ Has a (not so secret) love for spiky things

J O B S   O F F E R E D
Body Snatcher
Grave Robber

▌T H E   G Y P S Y   K I N G▐

N A M E | Apollion David Bashalde
A G E | 38
G E N D E R | Male

D I S T R I C T | Newchapel
A F F I L I A T I O N | The Gypsy Camp
P R O F E S S I O N | Musician and head of the camp

P E R S O N A L I T Y | Famous for having had an angel's voice as a boy, Apollion grew up being admired and praised. Yet for a cause unknown there was always a sadness in his dark eyes and there still is. These days known as a lady's man, a king and a thief, Apollion is the head of his beloved camp and the loving father of many bastards. Don't be fooled by his charming and exotic exterior however, for whenever you think you have captured this man's heart you will find him staring to the east and you know his heart has drifted away on the wind, back to his homecountry. Yes, he is very melodramatic.

T R I V I A |
☆ Some say that when you listen closely to the west wind you can hear Appolion plucking his lyre
☆ There is speculation that he is Maisie the flower girl's father, but both have denied it

J O B S   O F F E R E D
Fortune Teller
Animal Tamer

▌T H E   M A D A M▐

N A M E | Angelique (Jerome) Vert
A G E | 41
G E N D E R | Male

D I S T R I C T | Newchapel
A F F I L I A T I O N | The Palace of Entertainment
P R O F E S S I O N | Owner of the Palace of Entertainment

P E R S O N A L I T Y | Playing the roles of women since he could walk, Jerome felt quite at ease wearing silks and skirts. His parents, both actors, were not unfimiliar with the somewhat eccentric individuals in society and therefore had no problems when Jerome didn't change out of his dress when he turned 18. The boy wanted lace and pearls, and if the budget would allow it, diamonds too. Figuring out that the meager salary of an actor wasn't going to buy him those, he used all his family money on buying an old abandoned theatre in Newchapel. No one would have expected that five years later the place had been turned into a palace for the extravagant, the lustful and the sinners.

T R I V I A |
☆ Can be both adressed as he or she
☆ Apollion's lover
☆ Has a secret opium addiction

J O B S   O F F E R E D
The second set of NPC's of Neo-London's Newchapel District
Faloquir by saraah11
An OC I designed for an rp group but I'm just not content with any character I create these days
He lives in a society of competition and fighting but Faloquir is a gentle and feminine boy. He really wishes to make his country proud because he is aristocracy and therefore supposed to be a great warrior of some kind so he was taught to swordfight even though he's smol and actually wants to dress up in fancy clothes and wear flowers in his hairLlama-Emoji-13 (I'm Pretty) [V1] 
Also forgive me for my infrequent posts, I had some really busy weeks but I hope to be back now!
The Gallery by saraah11
The Gallery

The Court of Neo-London

Sir Augustus Newton

Queen Virginia Liberty

Sir Octavius Tybalt Leonsgate

Gauthier Laurent


The admins of the Neo-London rp group!
Don't worry Nappy, your bab will be included too once you've finished them!

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